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MARCH 2017

Week 11


Alan Joyce receives Orient Aviation Person of the Year Award

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March 17th 2017

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Qantas Airways CEO, Alan Joyce, on Thursday night received the Orient Aviation Person of the Year Award for his contributions to the industry. Read More »

The gala dinner at Hong Kong’s China Club was attended by countless leaders who have shaped the industry over the past two decades, including former IATA director-general, Tony Tyler, AAPA director-general, Andrew Herdman, the sales chiefs of Airbus and Boeing, John Leahy and Dinesh Keskar, and several airline CEOs from across the region.

“Alan is laser focused on delivering what he does and he energizes his people, he empowers his staff. He recently achieved what seemed like an impossible task: delivering fantastic results and returns unheard of year after year and all on the back of the biggest corporate turnaround in Australian history,” John Leahy said. “He actually laid off 5,000 people and engagement improved.”

Boeing’s Dinesh Keskar for once agreed with his counterpart. “What is really important here is the leadership and the business transformation that Alan undertook. You need serious courage to take on challenges in this industry. Alan has done it all not only once but many more times and the most recent has been the transformation which has been phenomenal.”

Orient Aviation publisher and editor-in-chief, Christine McGee, noted that since taking over as Qantas CEO in 2008, Alan Joyce has rarely been out of the news. He has advocated change and innovation at the 97-year-old flag carrier since the day he took the reins at the carrier November 28 that year. This has earned Alan a record with the magazine: he has appeared eight times on the front cover.  The event was co-sponsored by Airbus and Boeing.

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