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Industry Addendum: Training

Indonesia’s Flybest Flight Academy chooses Pacific Simulators

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October 1st 2018

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Flybest Flight Academy, based in Indonesia’s Batam, has ordered a Flight Simulator Training Device and a Eurojet FJ2000 Cockpit Procedures Trainer from Christchurch-based Pacific Simulators. Read More » The training systems will be used to training A320 and B737 cadets, respectively.

Flybest Flight Academy CEO and co-owner is Captain Dhamardi, a 40-year veteran pilot that flew thousands of hours on A300 and B747s. He most recently was CEO of Indonesia AirAsia before establishing Flybest.

“Our simulators provide cost-effective training for flight schools, universities airlines. Because of their lower costs, and pilots can spend more time improving their skills [on the training devices] before moving to full flight simulators,” Pacific Simulators sales director, Iain Pero, said in Singapore last month.

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