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MARCH 2019

Week 9


Boeing’s Trump Bump

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March 1st 2019

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Vietnam showcases aircraft deals. How can Airbus respond to new aeropolitics? Read More »

With U.S. president Trump in town, Vietnam showcased aircraft orders. Nevermind the bulk – 100 737 MAXs for VietJet – was a finalisation of a commitment made at the 2018 Farnborugh airshow. 10 787-9s for Bamboo were previously listed as undisclosed orders and are reportedly in addition to a previous commitment for 20 787s. US-made GE engines power both orders.

There was no order from Vietnam Airlines, which may need 777X or A350-1000 planes to fulfil a government desire for non-stop flights to the U.S. Last week, Vietnam Airlines said it would need to order 100 narrow body aircraft and that the B737 was in the running. Bamboo, which operates A320 family aircraft, said it was considering an order for 25 737 MAXs.

Such announcements during high-profile trips are common, but behind the scenes – for the deals not yet made – industry participants said foreign airlines are increasingly urged to buy Boeing, and that Airbus was under pressure.

Airbus counting on Trump to leave office in two years still leaves plenty of time for Boeing gains. Trump could of course be elected to a second term, or America’s new guiding hand towards Boeing could continue to gesture under the next administration. Airbus is in its own management transition, partially out of the need for greater government relations transparency.

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