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MAY 2019

Industry Addendum

MTUPlus Intelligence Solutions unveiled

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May 1st 2019

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Global engine MRO, MTU Maintenance, has launched MTUPlus Intelligent Solutions to better meet the specific needs of its 200 airline customers worldwide. Read More »

The four categories in the MTUPlus portfolio are PERFORMPlus, SAVEPlus, VALUEPlus and MOVEPlus as well as a service cluster, SERVICEPlus for single and adhoc requests. They have been developed in response to customer demand for tailor made solutions across the life cycle of an aircraft engine to control and optimize cost.

MTU Maintenance senior vice president MRO programs Martin Friis-Petersen said: “It is our job to spot market trends and ensure our portfolio is meeting the customer requirements of tomorrow. As an independent service provider, our focus is going that extra mile for customers.”

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