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Bamboo Airways to have 100 aircraft in 2024

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September 20th 2019

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The frenzied development of Bamboo Airways continues. While the start-up last month received approval to operate 30 aircraft in the first quarter of 2020, Bamboo plans to grow to 100 aircraft by 2024, the airline said in a statement. This would mean putting 14 aircraft into service on average for five consecutive years, one of the highest projected growth rates outside mainland China. The pace of expansion is even more significant in percentage terms.

Bamboo also said it planned to accept a leased 787 next month, ahead of taking delivery of its own 787s next year. Bamboo did not disclose the lessor or how many aircraft it would take. Also in the changed fleet plan, the carrier no longer plans to operate A330s. During the northern summer, an A330 was moved from storage and painted in Europe in Bamboo’s livery.

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