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JULY 2021

Week 27


Japan Airlines announces deeper cuts in its domestic network

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July 8th 2021

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Japan Airlines (JAL) has removed another 4,238 flights from its domestic schedule as the rise in COVID-19 infections impacts demand across the country. Read More » Approximately 709 flights will be suspended for two weeks to July 31 and 3,363 flights will be removed from the schedule from August 1 to August 16. The changes to July’s operations will result in the flag carrier operating 71% of its normal domestic flying pattern this month. The revised schedule is down three percentage points from the 74% operation rate outlined in the airline's latest network update on June 24. The operation rate for August 1 to August 16 will be 77%. Flight reduction measures for August 16 to August 31 will be announced on July 15. Japan ruled today that the State of Emergency for Tokyo will be extended from July 11 to August 22. The Japanese capital recorded 920 new COVID-19 infections yesterday.

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