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Week 39


Air New Zealand dominated Australia’s 2020-2021 international passenger market

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October 3rd 2021

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New Zealand can chalk up another win over its bigger neighbour after Air New Zealand (Air NZ) trumped Qantas Airways to claim the lion’s share of Australia’s international passenger market in 2020-2021. Read More » A report released Friday by the Bureau of Transport and Research Economics showed Air NZ had the biggest share of a very small market. The New Zealand flag carrier outstripped all Australian-designated airlines to claim a 28.3% of market share followed by Qatar Airways at 11.8%. Qantas Airways, which cancelled most scheduled international passenger services, came in third at 10.1%. It was followed by Singapore Airlines (9.2%) and Emirates Airline (6.7%). The report said international scheduled passenger traffic in 2020-2021 was 97.3% below 2018-2019 levels at 1.12 million travellers.

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