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China forecasts Lunar New Year holiday surge to equal pre-COVID passenger traffic

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February 8th 2024

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Air travellers, both inbound and outbound from China, are expected to match 2019 numbers during this year’s Spring Festival holiday (February 10-17), the National Immigration Administration (NIA) of the People’s Republic of China predicts. Read More » The NIA forecasts a daily average of 1.8 million inbound and outbound passenger trips during the seven days of the Lunar New Year’s “great migration, a 330% increase over 2023. Inbound air passenger bookings are up 10 times year-on-year, prompting airlines to add 2,500 scheduled and charted international flights to their operations, China’s Global Times reports. Peak passenger flow at major international airports will be from today, February 8 to February 11and February 16 to 17.

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