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ATR records robust annual growth, predicts Asia as most dynamic future market

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February 15th 2024

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Leading regional aircraft manufacturer, ATR, delivered 36 aircraft in 2023, a 44% increase over 2022. Read More » It also sold 40 new aircraft, a 53% improvment from 12 months earlier, and welcomed 11 new clients for its new and pre-owned aircraft. Additionally, it recorded 100 transactions in the second hand market. Fiscal year revenue, to last December 31, was near $1.2 billion, supported by a record year for services that delivered more than $400 million to the company’s coffers. ATR predicts expansion of ATR fleets in Asia will be concentrated in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. “The current year will be one of stabilization, paving the way for future growth,” ATR CEO, Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, said.

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