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SpiceJet managing director joins bid for Go First

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February 19th 2024

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SpiceJet chairman and managing director, Ajay Singh, is partnering with Busy Bee Airways Private Ltd in a bid to acquire grounded LCC, Go First. Read More » Singh is acting “in his personal capacity” the bidders said in a regulatory filing. His role is described as “operating partner” for the proposed restructured carrier and a provider of essential staff, services and expertise. “I firmly believe Go First holds immense potential and can be revitalised to work in close synergy with SpiceJet, benefiting both carriers,” Singh said. “Apart from coveted slots at domestic and international airports, international traffic rights and an order for more than 100 Airbus neo aircraft, Go First is a trusted and valued brand with flyers. I am happy to contribute to efforts aimed at reviving this popular airline and leveraging its strengths for mutual growth and success.” Privately-held Go First, now insolvent, collapsed in May and its owner, Wadia Group, has failed to find backers prepared to fund the airline’s return to the skies. United Arab Emirates company, Sky One, submitted a bid for Go First last week.

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