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MARCH 2024

Week 13


Boeing crisis forces premature departure of CEO and immediate resignation of commercial airplane boss

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March 26th 2024

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Boeing announced a leadership clear out overnight that included the earlier than previously planned resignation of the aerospace company’s CEO, Dave Calhoun, and the abrupt exit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO, Stan Deal. Read More » Before the OEM board voted in favour of the C-suite shake up, Calhoun had been expected to remain in his role until April 2028. Instead, he will step down next December. Deal is leaving the company with immediate effect and will be replaced by Boeing’s chief operating officer, Stephanie Pope. Former CEO of Qualcomm, electrical engineer Steve Mollenkopf, is Boeing’s new chair-elect after Larry Kellner informed board directors he will not stand for re-election when his term as chair expires at this year's annual shareholder meeting. The AGM is usually held in April or May each year. Mollenkopf will lead the search for Boeing's next CEO. A series of production crises have plagued the OEM in the last four years, culminating in the blow out of a door plug on an Alaska Airlines flight in January. Bolts necessary to secure the door plug on the aircraft were not installed.

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