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MARCH 2024

Week 13


Regional airline association reports strong traffic growth in February

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March 28th 2024

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Last month’s Asia-Pacific international air passenger demand increased to 27 million passengers, the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) said in its latest update. Read More » Passenger markets were boosted by a surge in leisure travel in the Lunar New Year holiday period, the AAPA said, producing a 56.7% increase in passengers carried against 17.3 million air travellers the region’s airlines transported in the same month in 2023. Traffic reached 89.2% of 2019 levels, the AAPA added. Demand, measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres), increased 54.4% year-on-year and capacity expanded 53.1%. International passenger load factor was 81.6% for the 29 days. “During the first two months of the year, Asia’s carriers recorded robust international passenger market expansion, with 54 million passengers carried, up 53% compared with the corresponding period in 2023. The strong demand came on the back of ongoing network expansion by carriers, with load factors at levels seen before the pandemic,” AAPA director general, Subhas Menon, said.

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