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APRIL 2024

Week 15


Boeing deliveries cut back in first quarter 2024

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April 11th 2024

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In the three months to March 31, Boeing delivered 83 airplanes to customers: 67 737 MAXs, three 767s and 13 787s. Read More » Deliveries for the quarter were lower by 130 aircraft compared with the matching three months last year. In March, customers accepted 29 Boeing airplanes, including eight MAX jets to Chinese airlines, compared with 64 deliveries in March 2023. Boeing is producing fewer MAX single aisle jets to improve manufacturing quality after the January 5 mid-air blowout of a door plug on an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 brought the U.S. plane maker under increased scrutiny. “We are deliberately going to slow down to get this right. We are the ones who made the decision to constrain rates on the 737 program below 38 per month until we feel we are ready, Boeing CFO, Brian West, said in comments reported by Reuters. Boeing is believed to have 11 newly built aircraft awaiting engines creating a cash flow issue of roughly $1.16 billion, according to George Ferguson, an analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. The first client to receive a 777F this year was EVA Airways on April 8.

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