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JUNE 2017

Industry Addendum

Jeppesen and IBM’s The Weather Company to cooperate

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June 1st 2017

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Jeppesen and IBM have agreed The Weather Company would become the primary weather source for all Jeppesen and Boeing aviation products. Read More » The IBM-owned forecaster will provide Boeing’s operations centres and pilots with access to the same weather information, which will build confidence and collaboration when critical operational decisions must be made.

Jeppesen chief operating officer, Ken Sain, said: “The Weather Company is the clear leader in providing accurate, personalized and actionable weather services and insights for the global aviation industry. There is strong demand across our customer base to use The Weather Company as our core weather service.” The Weather Company will replace all previous weather sources for Jeppesen flight deck and flight planning services.

“This agreement will eliminate potential variance between disparate data sources and establishes a unified weather experience across airline operations to increase operational efficiency and performance. All of this will have an impact on the bottom line,” Sain said.

The Weather Company’s real time forecast services and weather briefings will be available for all Jeppesen aviation market segments: airlines, business aviation operations, general aviation pilots and military operations.

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