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JUNE 2017

Industry Addendum: Briefly...

Mobil Jet Oil approved for Pratt & Whitney engines

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June 1st 2017

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Engine manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney has approved the use of high performance capability Mobil Jet Oil 387 for its PW4000 engines. Read More » The PW4000, first introduced in 1984, has and does power the airlines that fly Airbus’ -300s, -310s and -330s and Boeing’s -747s, 767s and 777s. The multi-year approval evaluations were carried out on various PW4000 engines. All Mobil Jet branded oils, which include Mobil Jet 11 and Mobil Jet Oil 254 as well Mobil Jet Oil 387, have been approved for use in PW4000 engine models.

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