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Ma Xulun succeeds Tan Wangeng at China Southern Airlines

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February 1st 2019

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In a significant reshuffle at the top of two of China’s “Big Three” airlines, China Eastern’s Ma Xulun is China Southern’s (CSA) new chairman and president. Read More » In Shanghai, the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s (CAAC) deputy secretary, Wang Zhiqing, has assumed the presidency as well as the position of deputy secretary at China Eastern.

Ma also will hold the position of deputy secretary of the Guangzhou-based carrier’s Communist Party Committee, the majority owner of the carrier. Wang will report to China Eastern chairman and party committee secretary, Liu Shaoyong.

 At press time, Chinese media said the outgoing chairman of China Southern, Wang Changshun, would retain his influence in the third largest airline in the world with his leadership of CSA’s Communist Party committee.

Ma is a well-known figure on the global aviation scene both as a leading member of the Star alliance and for the senior positions he has held at Air China, the Mainland regulatory body, the CAAC, and his involvement in airline associations.

Former CSA president, Tan Wangeng, moved from CSA to the vice presidency of Mainland aerospace OEM, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and the position of deputy secretary of its party committee last November.

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