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APRIL 2019

Industry Addendum: Air Traffic Management

Thales and Singapore to develop open ATM system architecture

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April 1st 2019

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Singapore’s Civil Aviation Authority and global communications group, Thales, have agreed to jointly develop an open ATM architecture system. Read More » It will provide greater flexibility to integrate modifications and upgrades to global ATM infrastructure at an accelerated pace compared with present time scales. Most commercial ATM systems need to take into consideration the compatibility and complexity arising from the integration with third party ATM systems, the joint venture partners said in March.

“We are the first Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) in the world to carry out such in-depth research and development of an Open ATM System Architecture, which will be a cornerstone of Singapore’s future ATM System,” said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) director general, Kevin Shum. “it will enable Singapore to respond at an accelerated pace to the many changes in the aviation landscape.

“An Open ATM system also will benefit the ATM community and ANSPs who can tap into the research and architecture to level up their ATM systems and introduce improvements to them.”

Thales executive vice president for land and air systems, Alex Cresswell, said: “We will only be able to manage the increasing complexity of aviation by using digital technologies. CAAS and Thales, as pioneers in the digital aviation field, will collaborate in developing the ATM of the future in the Asia-Pacific.”

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