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Industry Addendum: Air Traffic Management

SITAONAIR and Singapore to explore space-based VHF

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October 1st 2019

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and communications company, SITAONAIR, signed a Memorandum of Understanding last month to determine the potential of the world’s first space-based Very High Frequency (VHF) solution. Read More »

The voice service would be VHF radio relayed installed onboard satellites that would offer direct controller to pilot communications in geographically remote areas such as Oceania, where it is too costly to install terrestrial high frequency and VHF services.

The MoU adds to the work being done by CAAS and the Singapore Flight Information Region, which is focused on medium and low earth orbit satellites used for voice, and where possible, data communications, said CAAS.

“These are key steps in our efforts to improve air traffic management with cutting edge technologies. We were excited to launch this within the Singapore FIR,” CAAS director general, Kevin Shum, said.

“The addition of SITAONAIR industry and air traffic communications expertise allows CAAS to strengthen our research and continue to innovate.”

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