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MARCH 2017

Week 11


Boeing’s lands orders of $5 billion in February

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March 17th 2017

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Chicago-headquartered Boeing received 42 commercial aircraft orders from seven customers in February, valued at $5 billion at list prices. Read More »

The results were in stark contrast to Airbus which did not record any commercial aircraft orders for the month. Instead it was notified of ten cancellations from failed Taiwanese carrier, TransAsia Airways, which terminated contracts for four A330-800neo and six A321neo.

All 42 Boeing February orders were from unidentified customers. They were: five B787-9s, ten B737-800s, nine B737 MAXs and another 18 B737-800s divided among four other customers.

Boeing’s order momentum continued in March. On Monday, the OEM announced an order for 30 B737 MAXs from China Development Bank Financial Leasing. The order is valued at $3.3 billion at list prices. It was previously listed as placed by an “unidentified customer”. The MAX 8 is on track to enter schedule with its launch customer, Norwegian, in May.

"Our model is very clear. We will become a global leasing platform, which means international, including non-Chinese and Chinese (activities)," CDB Leasing CEO, Peter Chang, told Reuters. Chang said the recent slowdown in orders “could very well mean there is an opportunity for us to place another order”.

The CDB Leasing boss, based at the lessor’s Dublin offices, is aiming at controlled expansion. "We do not want to be aggressively big for the sake of it, but we are aggressive and we are going to grow," he said. "We will be looking at $3 billion-$4 billion a year growth, not to the point of being too risky, but we will have a basic skyline (sequence of deliveries) from manufacturers and we will have a healthy order book.”

Rival Airbus, also on Monday, received an order for eight A320s from Korean start-up, KAIR.

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