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MARCH 2017

Week 12


Airbus expects 30% fewer orders in 2017 and no new aircraft series

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March 17th 2017

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Airbus’ COO customers, John Leahy, told the ISTAT Americas conference he expected global commercial jet aircraft orders in 2017 to exceed 1,000 net orders, which would represent a 30% drop on last year’s 1,399 orders booked by Airbus and Boeing (731 vs. 668 orders). Read More »

Airbus has delayed its global market forecast to the beginning of April.

Leahy also told the ISTAT conference Airbus would not launch any aircraft series in the coming years, although it might choose to expand the A350 XWB Family with a third and largest variant, provisionally dubbed the -2000. "We are not planning any great new developments in the next few years. We will be doing incremental improvements," he said.

In a major achievement for Airbus, the OEM last Friday delivered the first wide body, an A330-200, to Iran Air as part of its historic 100-aircaft-deal signed last year. The aircraft was originally ordered, but not taken up, by Avianca.

Tehran has ordered 38 A330 Family, 16 A350 XWBs and 46 A320 Family aircraft for Iran Air. The airline’s -200 is configured for 238 passengers: 32 in business and 206 in economy class. It initially plans to fly the aircraft from the nation’s capital to Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and London.

This A330-200’s arrival in Tehran marked the second direct delivery from Airbus to Iran Air. It received an A321 in January. That aircraft also was originally destined for Avianca. The next A330 is due in April.

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