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JUNE 2017

Industry Addendum

Thales forecasts the future of IFE

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June 1st 2017

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IFE systems of the future will interact with passengers, generate ancillary revenue and deliver customized content to each airline seat, Thales InFlyt Experience CEO, Dominique Giannoni, has forecast. Read More »

At Thales’ new IFE final integration and test complex in Irvine, California, its system developers are working on IFE screens and communications that will engage with individual passengers. “We are going to go into a period where it’s about engagement. An individual’s ability to access the internet and catch up on social networks is changing the game,” the company’s CFO, Fred Schreiner, told media in May.

“How do we move from an in-seat system, where an airline is looking at cost line, to an in-seat solution coupled with connectivity that moves to a revenue line? We believe it is an untapped area and an opportunity for revenue. We are talking about a new relationship with the seat back.” Schreiner said families will be able to plan their holidays from the seatback: booking restaurants and exploring street level views of a city’s sights.

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