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APRIL 2019

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Connected Cabin advances to development phase

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April 1st 2019

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Three European companies, gategroup, Stelia Aerospace and Recaro Aircraft Seating, have signed cooperation agreements with Airbus to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for the aircraft cabin. Read More »

The Airbus Connected Experience will link, in real time, core cabin components including use of galleys, meal trolleys, seats, overhead bins and other cabin elements and also allow crews to exchange data throughout the cabin.

Airbus senior vice president cabin and cargo program, Soeren Scholz, said the Connected Experience is intended to link data from different areas of the cabin into a central system.The Connected Experience data can connect its trend analytics to Skywise, the group’s global data analytics subsidiary.

Airlines will better understand cabin equipment usage trends, be able to execute predictive analytics across their fleets, provide wireless streaming for passengers and host third-party applications for movies with the Connected Experience.

The Connected galley offers a prediction of preferred food and beverages for passengers that will reduce waste as well as enhance passenger journeys. The Connected seat will give passengers personalised seat position settings, the benefit of remote ordering of favoured food and drinks from personal devices and customised entertainment and information. The Connected bin will show where space is free in an overhead bin and introduce advance booking of bin space.

Airbus said the Cabin Experience can be either line or retro fitted and will be first made available on the A320 family of aircraft. The platform will be fully compatible with Airbus Open Software Platform and be “Skywise ready”for data required for predictive maintenance.

First-in partners in the project represent catering (gategroup), aerostructures, cockpit and cabin seating design and manufacturer, Stelia Aerospace, and Recaro Aircraft Seating. Recently Recaro, which has a subsidiary in Qingdao, China, opened an Asia-Pacific hub in Hong Kong.

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